Is it really free to have my short-dated inventory published on ShortMedz?

Yes. It’s free to post your products one at a time to the ShortMedz market. You just need to join ShortMedz.

Upon approval, just login to ShortMedz and create your listings in the market. They will be reviewed by ShortMedz and posted within 24 hours. You’ll be notified when your listings have been published.

You can also choose an upload plan, and we’ll upload your entire inventory.

Why would I want to have my short-dated pharmaceuticals published on ShortMedz?

ShortMedz provides a central hub to view short-dated pharmaceuticals from all channels of the supply chain. It’s simply more convenient for buyers interested in short-dated pharmaceuticals to visit one website instead of multiple ones.

What constitutes a short-dated pharmaceutical?

You as the seller will need to determine that. But typically a product with 12 months or less dating is considered to be short-dated.

Why shouldn’t I just wait until I can return my short-dated pharmaceuticals for credit, depending on return policies?

There are at least two reasons why you should try to unload some of your short-dated inventory through ShortMedz:

  1. You may be able to make more money.
  2. You may help decrease the waste associated with inefficient use of pharmaceuticals.

How do you prevent buyers who I won’t sell to from inquiring about my short-dated pharmaceuticals?

Your company can post its policies concerning to whom you will sell. These policies are clearly listed with each product.

How do I know if someone is interested in my short-dated pharmaceuticals?

When a buyer expresses interest in one or more of your products, we send a message to you via email. Your email is not published. It is only known to us.

How long will my short-dated pharmaceuticals be published on ShortMedz?

Your products will remain on ShortMedz for 180 days.

If you sell out of an item or no longer want it published on ShortMedz, please let us know. We’ll remove it immediately.

Can I edit my short-dated pharmaceutical listings after they’re published?

Yes. We encourage you to update the quantity available.

If I only want to buy short-dated pharmaceuticals, do I need to join?

Yes. We inform the listing owner of your email address, so they can contact you.

Why do you require my address information?

We use the address information to generate a Google map for pharmacy retail locations.