Got Short-Dated Pharmaceuticals?

A new online service promises to increase the utilization of short-dated pharmaceuticals and help companies and consumers waste less and save more.

ShortMedz allows pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors post their short-dated inventories to increase visibility among buyers. Pharmacies can also post their short-dated products, so consumers with no insurance or high deductible health plans know where they can go to obtain a lower cash price.

Each product listing includes a way for potential buyers to indicate interest. An email is sent by ShortMedz to the company that posted the product, along with the potential buyer’s contact information. No financial transactions occur on ShortMedz. It simply serves as a hub for short-dated pharmaceuticals to increase visibility and help push products through the supply chain.

Each company can post their specific policies regarding who they will sell to and any other terms and conditions. This is done to prevent contacts from unwanted buyers. Consumers are not allowed to register with ShortMedz and send inquiries to companies. Instead, an online map is included with each listing that will help consumers determine if a pharmacy’s location is convenient to them.

Companies can post their short-dated inventories one item at a time for free. Companies can also choose an upload plan, and have ShortMedz upload their entire inventory at once. There is no limit to the number of items to be uploaded.

Products remain on ShortMedz for 180 days, and it’s free for companies to edit quantities, change prices or delete products altogether.

To keep potential buyers aware of new product additions, ShortMedz operates a Twitter account @shortmedz.